Blue green Deployments using Containers

This posts reproduces the demo that run at November Docket Meet-up in Sydney. It emulates a blue green deployment using Docker containers. Every independent infrastructure contains a elastic load balancer and an ec2 instance. Every ec2 instance has a microservice running, one with Tomcat 7 (emulating the existing infrastructure) and the second one with Tomcat 8 (emulating the new infrastructure). We will deploy both infrastructures using the framework Manageacloud.

This post is a summary of commands, if you want to learn more about how it works you can get started using the quickstart guide.

Installation Summary

pip install awscli
pip install mac
aws configure
mac login
mac provider credential amazon <access key> <secret_access_key>

Tomcat 7

mac -s infrastructure macfile -p TOMCAT_VERSION=7-jre8

Tomcat 8

mac -s infrastructure macfile -p TOMCAT_VERSION=8-jre8

Accessing to the Infrastructure

You can access to the application that is running the Microservice by using the ec2 public address or the DNSName provided by the load balancer. You can access the DNSName by executing:

For Tomcat7:

mac resource get_stdout docker_tomcat 7-jre8 load_balancer_01

For Tomcat8:

mac resource get_stdout docker_tomcat 8-jre8 load_balancer_01


Written by Ruben Rubio Rey on Wednesday November 18, 2015
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