Introduction to configuration management

We are building a web based platform that will allow you to create and maintain your infrastructure's server configurations.

The only tool required is a browser. From there, you can create and maintain server configurations. Our technology is:

Easy to use
Creating a configuration from scratch should not be a complicated task. We aim to convert complex infrastructures in a set of simple configurations.

Easy to learn
It is possible to achieve high productivity in just a short amount of time.

Configurations are not black boxes. Anyone who is not familiar with a configuration can identify how it works at a glance.

Data driven design
All configuration is data. This allows, for example, the sharing of configurations through services like github.

Language agnostic
You are free to choose your preferred programming language, when completing certain tasks that require the use of scripts.

Sysadmin IDE
We provide comprehensive facilities for sysadmins when creating configurations.

Linux compatible
Our platform is compatible with any Redhat or Debian based distributions.

Test friendly
Analysing and testing configurations is straightforward and can be run automatically (Continuous Integration).

You only require a modern browser to use our services.

Version control
Our software integrates git by default as a version control system.

Only ssh is needed to deploy configurations.

Works everywhere
Bare metal, cloud and hybrid architectures. Configurations can even run on your own laptop!

Creating this software has been an interesting and challenging task for us. We have many plans down the track but have decided to launch with the minimum feasible product. The roadmap will be guided by the feedback we receive.

Our software is currently a private alpha version. We plan to deploy the open beta by 8 September 2014, and would love to hear from you! Please drop us a line at


Written by Ruben Rubio Rey on Monday August 18, 2014
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