Open beta released

Over the last two months, we have been performing multiple usability tests for different roles in different countries. Today, we are proud to announce the open beta version release.

We still have a long journey, but the current product development is good to cover multiple business and user needs. With you help, input and collaboration, we are confident that over the next months, we will increase the flexibility of our products and achieve a new high ground.

Create and publish server configurations
If you want a way to install a sever and configure it with a single click from a website, you are in the right place. You also have the ability to create the configuration from your browser: you do not need anything else.

Are you a Sysadmin, DevOps or a developer who is maintaining infrastructure ? Create Modules so you can have the exact instructions, with historical changes, about how to configure production ready servers.

Are you a blogger and you want to teach people how to configure Linux software ? You could finish the article with a link to a Module, so you users can try the configuration quickly and easily.

Are you involved with a software that has a wiki with instructions about how to install a software ? Now you can provide a link to your modules so your users can install your software quickly and easily. You won't loose users because the do not know how to install it, and you will gain a competitive advantage as your competitors may not offer the equivalent services to their users.

Fork configurations
You do not need to create a whole working module yourself. If an experienced Sysadmn, DevOps or developer has already created and published a similar module that fits your needs you can just fork it and use it as the basis for your own module.

Raise your professional visibility
Our user profiles are designed to show what you are capable of. Add you Linkedin, your Twitter, etc and let other people know who you are and what you can do.



As we are progressing the testing process, we are confirming the features that we intent to develop before the end of the year. The main ones are:

  1. Private repositories. Currently all configurations are public. We understand that some companies will want privacy in their server configurations.
  2. Infrastructures. The modules are the basis for the configuration, and represents the configuration (or partial configuration) of one single server. We want to add the ability to run those modules in different servers with the modules aware of one another.


Business model

As long as we are operating in the open beta version, all services are free of charge.

However, we intend to implement the business model known as "freemium". The freemium model will have two type of users:

  • Users that needs public configurations, such open source projects. As long as their configuration are public, it is free of charge.
  • Users that needs private configurations. We will develop soon some paid plans adapted to different processional needs. If you want further information about those plans please contact us at

We are continually listening to our users, and will be refining the business models while we are in the open beta.

We hope you enjoy using our services as much as we enjoyed developing them. As usual, any comments, ideas or concerns can be sent to

Written by Ruben Rubio Rey on Monday September 8, 2014
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